What the dogs think about Doga ?

Every dog that comes through our Doga doors has his or her story to tell .

We believe in value and non discrimination . In Doga we don’t judge our dogs . All size and breeds are welcome as long as they are happy to be there and not too nervous about other dogs .

Dogamahny TM does not use leads or treats . We treat our dog equal to humans . It is their right to enjoy their own space on or off mat . As long as mummy & daddy relax the Dogis can benefit .

Hi , I’m Lucy I love doing Doga with my mommy it’s something we can do together aside walking in parks .  We both finnish our class relaxed and rejuvenated . I would recommend this to all my dogi friends .

LUCY – short hair Hawainese , 4 years , advanced  Dogi

Hiya , my name is Amigo .. And I’m pooped after my second Doga session . My mum takes me regularly and we are getting really good a yoga . ” AMIGO chilled out Chi Wau- wau

My name is ROBBIE . You may  know me from MIC . I kind of run the show . I overlook mums teaching skills and ensure that the group is cool and relaxed . I was rescued by mommy 4 years ago from a puppy farm and Doga helps me sleep more easily .

ROBBIE , Maltese Terrier ,4 Years , Expert Dogi

I’m MAGGIE ! Previous yoga experience – mostly licking myhuman’s faces when they were doing yoga at home . Now rather pleased to add my 10 Kg to any posture my humans does – I’m particularly fond of the boat pose where I get to be captain . All that’s missing is a sailor hat for my next session . ”

MAGGIE , 4 Years , Border Terrier ,first – time Dogi

Darlings I’m Babybelle ! My mummy and I have been going to Robbie’s doga class since I was just a pup almost 3 years ago . I love going ! I get to bond with my other dog friends and mummy , of course ! She gives me lots of cuddles which I love !!! ”

BABYBELLE , 2 years , Maltipoo, advanced Dogi

Helloooooo , my name is KILLIAN and I’m twenty – five kilos . I love adventures and trips to the beach but most of all I like to be included and get very nervous when mum leavesme alone.  Doga lets me spend even more time with my favourite humans and I hope it will help me manage my anxieties .. Well let you know how it goes ! ”

HI I’m Piper

I’m a five year old Jack Russell with Chihuahua ears! I am a rescue dog from Battersea and when I first came home with my new mum I was very scared of other dogs and never barked . One year on and I am not afraid of anything. I enjoy going to yoga and bark when I want everyone to see my downward dog!! After a class I like to have a nice snooze on the sofa as I feel so relaxed.


Hello Im Marley and Im a pointer . Mummy is a supervet and we both enjoyed our Doga lesson . I only did what I could do as I only have three legs . I loved sniffing around new scents and enjoyed the company of other new dogi buddies .

Hi ! My name is Murphy I’m a pedigree Dachshund – and I’m almost two years old . I really enjoyed my first Doga class . I was a bit shy at first so I stuck close to my hu- mum and she showed me what to do . Robbie was also quite helpful and he came over to see wether I was ok . The other dogs were also quite friendly and I felt relaxed and at ease at the end . I even had a little sleep at the end in Savasana . Mummy says if I go regularly it will help my confidence andmake us bond even more ! Mummy loves yoga and I love her – so that’s even better !

My Name Is Lola . I’m a  Baegle cross Jack Russel . I’ve had a hard puppy life . Things haven’t  to great at the beginning  . I was caged up for as long as I can remember until mum came along and rescued me .

I’m glad she brought me to Yoga and I’m glad she enjoyed yoga as mum has been down lately and needs to socialise as much as I do ! I really enjoyed interacting with humans and dogs . I’m still a puppy so I need to get the hang of Doga !

I get very excited ! Mahny and Robbie have such nice energy and Robbie showed me how to Doga . It was just nice to bond with mum on a yoga mat amidst others – without labels and prejudice – and being surrounding my lovely humans and dogs in a calm serene environment .